5 Benefits of Wearing Safety Gear at a Workplace

Safety gear in the workplace comprises of hard hats, goggle, earplugs, face masks, respirators among others. These gears are designed to be worn by any individuals who are visiting or working in a site. The safety gear protects against any chemicals, heat or general hazards in a busy workplace. There are several reasons wearing a safety gear at a workplace is essential. These will be discussed in this article.


Protection against head injuries

Hard hats are designed to protect workers from any form of head impacts. These may be caused by falling or flying objects that may be in a workplace. Helmets also protect workers in case they run into fixed objects or get into contact with good conductors of electricity.


Protection against chemicals


This is mostly experienced in a chemical or industrial plant. Walls, items and other surfaces in such workplaces could be contaminated with chemicals from splashes or immersion into dangerous chemicals. Without a safety gear, workers who get into contact with these chemicals could suffer severe burns, dermatitis or worst case scenario skin cancer. Lack of wearing a protective gear could expose workers or visitors to harmful radiations and harmful temperatures. As a result, all persons working in such areas are required to have special kinds of bodysuits that prevent them from getting into contact with chemicals. Additionally, people working in construction sites should wear their overalls as it will protect them from injuries caused due to friction, pressure or abrasions. Part of the safety gear is a pair of strong rubber gloves.


Protection against eyes


Goggles come in handy in this area. Eye spectacles protect workers from debris that would enter their eyes, hot spark, splashes of molten metal, dust and glare. Other factors that could lead to eye injuries include insects, chemical burns among others. It is also essential that individuals wear face masks which would offer more protection when working in such areas.


Protection against ears


High pitched noises can damage the eardrums. Such noises are commonly experienced in construction, manufacturing and industrial areas. Earplugs or earmuffs will minimize the effect of the nose among employees.


Protection against leg injuries


Leg and foot injuries occur when individuals fall or sprain their legs in the workplace. Objects that land on their feet can cause similar injuries. Additionally, the type of floor in a work area determines the safety of the workers, for example, a slippery floor could result in broken bones, sprained ankles and many other accidents. Moreover, workers could step on live electric cables which could be hazardous. As a result, protective work gear is essential in such a place which is why every worker should wear safety boots. These safety boots should be made of thick rubber soles and steel toecaps. They should be long enough to cover part of the lower leg including the ankle. It is essential that these safety boots are comfortable for both men and women to walk in while working.

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